We guarantee your satisfaction at all times.
All of our products come with 30 day money back guarantee on any faulty goods unless stated.
You may request an exchange/refund within 30 days of receipt of the item by contacting us through our website.
Then you will be advised with further instructions on how to do so, providing you are returning the goods as “unused as new” in original condition and only then will we issue a replacement.

Before returning the goods you must notify us.
If you return any merchandise without prior approval it will be refused and returned back to you.
You must return the goods to the address which will be given upon request, and in manner indicated.
We will do our best to make the return and exchange process as simple and quick as possible.
The cost of returning the goods back to us on your error when ordering, will be the customers responsibility and not ours.
The goods remain the responsibility of the customer until received by satnaveurope.
We will not offer a refund for non faulty discs as it has been known for some customers to update there system and then ask to return the disc, if we do refund£5 will be deducted to cover costs, if the wrong disc is ordered then we will exchange for a charge of £5 to cover costs.


If anything on this site is illegal in way, shape or form, then we are unaware of it. Neither we nor our host will be responsible for it.
All backup devices are for personal use and should only be used in a legal way.
If you should use any of these item for illegal purposes, then you are the sole person responsible.
You are not allowed to visit or make any purchase(s) from this site if you do not agree to any parts of this disclaimer.
We provide a service to make a legal backup copy in accordance with the above statement, to those users who do not have the ability or resources to make a backup copy themselves.
By using the services provided you are stating that you own a legal retail copy of the software in question and that the backup copy is to be used for personal use only.
Furthermore, you agree not to use the services to resell, distribute, rent, lend, or lease the software in question, and that if you cease to own the retail copy, you agree to immediately destroy and discard the backup copy.
WE offer Original OEM and also high quality back ups.
You are legally allowed to make a personal backup of any original software as long as you are the owner of the original software.
However you must destroy any backups when you do not legally own the original software any more (eg selling or giving it away).
Before making a backup, check in the suppliers manual or on the back of the product box, if there are any special conditions for making a personal backup.
It is important that you are abiding by these conditions at all times

We have never known a system to fail an upgrade or damage any unit using one of these disks.
However, if you do upgrade your navigation unit,you do so at your own risk. We offer no warranty, liability, reesponsibility or offer compensation should anything go wrong.

If a unit does not update it is normally one or more reasons, or a combination the following:

• You did not follow the procedure correctly
• Your unit is not accepting a software update (it could be defective, some units just wont update)
• Your unit may already be at the latest version and you did not read the Software Explanation correctly
• Your car is a Japanese import

We do not disclose buyers’ information to third parties other than when order details are processed as part of the order fulfilment.
In this case, the third party will not disclose any of the details to any other third party.